Current Lab members

Dr. Nicholas J. Marra – Postdoctoral Researcher

B.S. in Biology from Hope College – 2008
Ph.D. from Purdue University – 2013

Nick Marra

Nick’s research is focused on the use of comparative genomics and transcriptomics to answer questions of evolutionary interest in elasmobranchs. In particular, his work is focused on comparative studies between several species of elasmobranchs and teleost fish to study the evolution of adaptive immunity and regional endothermy. Additionally he is working on annotation of the white shark genome (Carcharodon carcharias) in an effort to understand the genomic architecture and evolution of this charismatic species. Another project focuses on using genotype by sequencing approaches to look at population genomics of several shark species at a global scale to better inform conservation efforts for widely distributed shark species.

njm77 at [email now]

Holly Lutz - Grad Student

B.A. in Biological Sciences from University of Chicago - 2009

Holly Lutz>

Holly's research focuses on the evolution of malarial parasites and other Haemosporidians. Using phylogenetic and comparative genomic approaches, she is assessing diversification, host-specificity, and host-switching events of avian and mammalian Haemosporidians. She is also interested in documenting the biodiversity of malarial parasites in birds and small mammals in tropical regions, particularly within the Afrotropics.

Holly received her B.A. in Biological Sciences from the University of Chicago in 2009, and began her PhD studies at Cornell in 2011, where she is co-advised by Dr. Michael Stanhope (PMDS) and Dr. André Dhondt (EEB/Lab of Ornithology). Her research is intimately connected to the Field Museum of Natural History (Chicago, IL). Through collaboration with the Field Museum's Emerging Pathogens Project, her work is contributing to a larger survey of parasites and pathogens in birds and mammals of Africa and South America.

hll47 at [email now]

Paulina Pavinski Bitar - Lab Technician

B.A. in biology from Hartwick College, 2004

Paulina Pavinski Bitar

Paulina received her BA in Biology with a focus on the evolutionary biology of plants. At the Stanhope Lab, Paulina manages the day-to-day operation of the laboratory and performs the wet lab portion of most ongoing projects. She has enjoyed branching out into data analysis, such as genome assembly of Streptococcus canis and Streptococcus agalactiae, and more recently, transposable element discovery in the great white shark transcriptome.


pdm37 at [email now]

Former Lab members

Dr. Vince P. Richards

While working as a Post Doc at the Stanhope Lab, Vince’s research focused on important groups of human and domestic livestock pathogens: Streptococcus, Campylobacter, and Escherichia coli. In addition to his work with bacterial pathogens, he sequenced and characterized the first transcriptome for the white shark (Carcharodon carcharias). Vince is now an Assistant Professor at Clemson University. Please visit his lab website for more information.

Dr. Sang Chul Choi

Sang Chul worked as a software engineer for a small software company for a few years, and spent a year and a half working as an associate researcher for Korea National Genome Research Institute before starting his Ph.D. study. After completing his Ph.D. he worked with Dr. Jody Hey at Rutgers University for two and a half years to develop a population assignment feature in his software called IMa. After that, he worked on bacterial evolution focusing on next generation sequencing data analyses in Dr. Adam Siepel and Dr. Stanhope's labs. Sang Chul's research interest is in developing and applying mathematical models in the area of molecular evolution (during his Ph.D.) and population genetics (during his postdoc). He is now a Research Associate at University of Alaska Fairbanks. Website

Dr. Haruo Suzuki

With a Stanhope lab post doc behind him, Haruo is now an Associate Professor at Yamaguchi University where he is doing bioinformatics and microbiology research, and genome and transcriptome data analyses.

Dr. Tristan Lefébure

A former post doc, Tristan is now an Associate Professor at Université Lyon 1, where he is working on evolutionary genomics. Please visit his website.

Dr. Ping Lang

After completing her post doc at the Stanhope Lab, Ping worked as a Research Associate in Dr. Wang's lab in Cornell's Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology Department before moving on to Purdue University.

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